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Wairere Nursery, on Gordonton Road in Hamilton is a nursery that specializes in plants. No we don't have a cafe and no we don't have a hardware store or a gift shop but we have great plants and plenty of them. We use our knowledge and gardening experience to bring you the best of the best from through-out New Zealand.Your garden and the special plants that you choose to put in it are central to what we do. We stock a large range of range of trees, shrubs and perennials along with edible fruit and nut trees. At Wairere you will find the largest selection of roses in New Zealand. We pride ourselves in our selection and can help you make the right choices for your particular patch. We can also assist with planting advice along with tips on pruning, pest and disease control, soil improvement and anything else garden related. Award winning Landscape Designer, Anthony Skinner has his studio right here at Wairere so if you want some professional help with what plant to put where make an appointment to have a chat with Anthony. Wairere the Hamilton Nursery where plants come first and where gardening is most certainly never a drag.

Camellias - So much more than a good "cupa"! We have a category in our plant database where we enter the uses for a particular plant species - there was only one word to put under Camellias and that was Versatile. In our opinion there is no other evergreen shrub that will reward the gardener as much as the undemanding yet top performing Camellia. There are definite cultural requirements to guarantee top performance, however Camellias are remarkably tolerant and adaptable. They are invaluable for hedging, screening, background planting, container planting and as one-off stunning specimens. They trim well, transplant easily, and can provide flowers from as early as March through to November. Many have a delicate fragrance - especially species Camellias.  

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Climbers and Vines
Climbing plants should never be overlooked when you are planning a new garden or revamping an existing planting scheme. They offer so much versatility and with their unique habit they are invaluable for covering up areas of ugliness in your garden that you may wish to keep hidden. Despite their extreme usefulness Climbers should be considered for their graceful nature alone plus the softness they bring to strong architectural lines. Really, what other form of plant gives you more bang for your buck? For just a little space on the ground floor they will cling, twine or scramble with great determination to reach heady heights. Use them to drip through trees, cover archways, soften a fence or wall and cover water tanks or an old tree stump.  

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Fruit and Nuts
Have you noticed that there is a growing trend towards growing food in one’s own back yard? It is no longer the practice of only a few tree-hugging ‘greenies’ or permaculture practitioners, but has become a pretty mainstream, trendy and, lets face it, sensible thing to do. Apart from the sheer delight of plucking a ripe and juicy fruit specimen off the tree in your own backyard for instant gratification of the senses, the benefits of eating produce that has been grown with a modicum of control regarding the use of pesticides and herbicides is immeasurable.  And the well-worn wail of “Id simply love to grow fruit trees but I have no space in my garden” does not cut it. With the help of the technique of Espalier and with so many new varieties being bred that can live hapily in tubs, there is no excuse. One gardener we know has a variety of fourteen different fruits growing in her 500sq meter section and she still has space for ornamentals, a pond, veggies and a small native forest – plus the house of course. 

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There are so many good reasons to plant a New Zealand native as gardeners all over the world have discovered. During a recent trip to Europe I swear I saw a Cabbage Tree (Corydline) in every back yard I peeked into! Here at home, planting a NZ Native is really an act of conservation as it ensures the continuation of native plant species. Along with that there is the added bonus of attracting native birds to your garden and beneficial native insects. However before we get too "Green" and serious lets just apreciate the wonderful layers of colour, texture and distinctive form that NZ Natives offer the gardener.  

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In designing with plants, it is the perennials that ensure that there is constant change, and that there is always an element of surprise or interest in the garden. Getting to know the dormant and flowering periods of the plants is essential to achieving the right balance in the design, so that as one perennial goes to sleep, another awakens. Perennials, perhaps more than any other group of plants, are available in a huge range of colours, forms, textures and fragrances in both foliage and flower. There are perennials suitable for almost every area of the garden: from full sun to full shade, in large gardens or small beds and to suit every mood or style. Popular perennial plants include Penstemon, Gaura, Canna, Dahlias, Salvias, Lupins, Columbines, Lilies, Delphiniums and Hellebores - oh! the list is endless.

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One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of gardening is that Roses are difficult and time-consuming to grow. Nothing could be further from the truth. Roses are easy to grow and are amongst the most tolerant of plants. Obviously, with the correct feeding and cultivation techniques they will perform to their absolute best. However even if you are the most neglectful gardener you should still be able to enjoy the perfection of a rose bush in bloom. After all Roses have endured since time as we know it began, and are still the most popular flower in the world today. So feel the fear and do it anyway - plant a rose or three. If you are still a little uncertain, click on our How To page for useful tips from Harry & Lloyd.

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Shrubs, along with trees, form the backbone structure of the garden design. They provide huge variation in their form, adaptability, tolerance and usage. They are selected for the colour of flower or foliage and for the shapes that they create, either naturally or by pruning. Shrubs lend themselves well to the formation of Topiary and Hedges.  Although some people regard shrubs as miniature trees, they have completely different growth habits. Some can sucker themselves and send creeping underground stems which root and thereby propagate themselves, whilst others renew themselves after hard pruning.  

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Trees Evergreen
Trees are the ‘lungs of the world’. We owe our very existence to the fact that they produce the oxygen so vital to life. They are also the creators of great beauty and stature, standing proud in the landscape and adorning the earth with majesty - like Queens. And beyond that, they are the most important plants in any garden, creating the form and structure that are permanent and long-lasting.       

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Trees Deciduous
The term ‘Deciduous” means “shedding or losing foliage at the end of the growing season”. This means that in autumn, the leaves of deciduous trees will start falling until the tree is bare, and it will remain so until new leaves start to emerge in the spring.  There are many reasons for selecting a deciduous specimen as oposed to an evergreen. The primary one is that if the tree is planted in an area where you wish to have summer shade and winter sun, then the habit that a deciduous tree has of shedding its leaves is perfect. So if you want shade over your outdoor entertaining area to protect you from the harsh summer sun, but in that same area you want the warmth of the winter sun to penetrate, then you must choose a deciduous specimen.

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Water plants

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Hedges and Borders
Hedges and Borders

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Seed Potatoes

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Pots Planters and Urns
   Growing plants in containers has been practiced for centuries for a number of diverse reasons one of the major ones being that people may lack the ground space into which to plant both ornamental and edible plants. The next major reason is that a beautiful container with a beautiful plant in it is a spectacular focal point and can be used to great effect in a design; to frame a view, to create emphasis and to add the fine finishing touches to an outdoor room. There is a huge amount of versatility in gardening in containers. Conditions can be ideally created. Plants in pots can provide colour to brighten up patios, steps pathways, courtyards, balconies, rooftops, decks, windowsills and just about any situation that may look drab. Pots are also the ideal place to nurture and display plant collections that are rare, valuable and exotic.

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Gardening Accessories
  We have all heard the expression ‘a bad workman always blames his tools'; - well as gardeners, it really is essential that we have the right Tools, Accessories, Fertilisers and Sprays to ensure that we not only provide the optimum conditions for fabulous growth, but that we have fun doing it! If we have the right tools for the job at hand, we are sure to do it well. And doing the job well will surely result in flourishing gardens. We have sourced a high quality range of the most frequently used and needed products and have made them available for you to purchase on the website when you do your other online shoping.

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Topiary and Standards
A Standard is defined as: a tree or shrub that is trained to have one central leader or stem and a rounded head of branches. Standards are trained as young plants; the central stem is braced against a stake, forcing it to grow straight and tall. Lower branches and shoots are removed and the remaining upper branches are sheared frequently, to shape and to encourage fullness. There are many plants that lend themselves to being Topiary specimens. Essentially, it is more desirable that the plant is evergreen, that the leaves are fairly small and interesting, that it produces a seasonal flower and, most important, that it responds well to constant pruning.

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Gift Vouchers and Cards
Gift Vouchers and Cards

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Palms/Cycads  The palms that grow in our New Zealand climate are those rare species that can tolerate colder climates. The Cotton palm, Jelly palm, Date palm and Fan palm are all able to manage not only the cooler climes but can also handle the stormy coastal winds and even light frosts. Palm leaves can be long and divided, like giant fern leaves – called ‘feather palms, or they can be rounded and fan shaped – called ‘fan palms’. Palms are exceptional specimens to use in the landscape design when desiring to create a ‘tropical’ feeling in the garden – that relaxed and ‘beachy’ look that gives the illusion that you are living on a desert island. Sit on a lounger under the palm and call for a Pina Colada!

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Special Occasion Plants
Special Occasion Plants

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